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10 Good Tips for YOUTH HOCKEY

1. Practices are more important than games

    Skating, standing on the correct leg when shooting and having the right technique at high

     speed are prerequisites for being a good hockey player!

2. Practice cross ice

      Practicing in small areas develops skills and avoids players standing in lines.

3. Allow youth to train themselves as much as possible

    Spontaneous training is important. Encourage street hockey in parking lots and driveways

     when ice is unavailable or floor hockey in all variations.

4. Hockey should be fun

     Skip tactics and systems, let the youth go after the puck. Everyone wants to handle the

      puck no one goes to practice and games to play defensively all the time.

5. Parents support and encourage

       Parents should never place pressure on their child. Remember that 1 of 5 youth experience

       their parent’s meddling in their sports as negative. Provide transportation, fix equipment,

       console, be there yes, by all means!

6. Games are not a matter of life and death

      Games should be fun. A change of pace from practice days. Not anything deathly

      important. Pour it on offensively – youth are creative and like to try things. Let them play to


7. Don’t play just your best players and no tactical systems

       Play without tactics and systems. Let youth use their own creativity and develop under their

       own conditions. Let them be where the puck is – for they have come to play the puck!

8. Show respect!

        Ice hockey means fair play! Show respect for the rules, referees, opponents and coaches.

        Play fair! No game is won from the penalty box.

9. Try all positions

       Let everyone try all positions on the team. Don’t lock players into defense, center or forward

       already from the beginning. Rotate around in fives – an elite player can play anywhere!

10. Exchange instead of buying!

        If one is going to follow the market hysteria it will be expensive to try hockey. Organize

        instead within your association an exchange day or rent equipment for a season.